TPS Aid to Typhoon Victims

Photo of the blog author By Constable Renato Valdez,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 10:28 a.m. December 31, 2013

The recent super typhoon Haiyan has caused extensive damage throughout the Philippines, causing the loss of thousands of lives and widespread destruction.

Three women stand with a table of food with signs
Beth Roda, Feli Naval and Susana Aguila sell food to raise money for typhoon victims
  • Three women stand with a table of food with signs
  • A man holds a microphone in front of PISN logo
  • Five women and one man stand in a row posing for the photo
The Philippine government estimates over 10 million people have been affected. 

In response to an overwhelming support and inquiries from Toronto Police Service (TPS) members and the public as to how they can help the victims several thousand miles away, the Toronto Police Service Asia Pacific Community Consultative Committee (TPS-APCCC) has set up an online cash donation through Red Cross and GlobalMedic. 

The APCCC is one of many consultative committees made up of community members who look for ways to link police officers with the citizens of Toronto. This initiative was also paralleled by several fundraising campaigns by TPS units and the Service’s Internal Support Networks (ISNs), groups within the organization that mentor Service members.

A week after the devastation, the Pilipino Internal Support Network (P-ISN) held a fundraising event at Toronto Police headquarters. According to the P-ISN vice-chair Etheline Komoseng, “Eat for a Cause” P-ISN fundraising event was successful raising $610 in less than an hour.

“It was heartwarming to experience TPS members who came together and supported us for this great cause,” Komoseng said.

All proceeds of this initiative were donated to GlobalMedic, a non-profit Canadian group that responds to countries in crisis delivering medical care and clean water.

S/Supt. Jane Wilcox, co-chair of APCCC said members of the Service united behind the cause.

“Two days before Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Toronto Police members were already preparing to collect funds and emergency items. Groups such as the Asia Pacific Community Consultative Committee and most of the TPS ISNs united to contribute to the disaster relief effort. There have been creative and touching fundraising activities by individual Service members and their loved ones as well. What an amazing and giving police/community family.”

Officers from Divisional Policing Support Unit spearheaded the initiative as part of their mandate of community outreach.

As liaison officer for APCCC, helping the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines is like helping my own family. I know how hard it is to witness people struggling for food after massive destruction. I had been in that situation when I was growing up back home.

To date, the APCCC’s goal to help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines has been tremendously exceeded because of your generosity and compassion. On behalf of the members of the APCCC, I would like thank you for your support. And for those people who still want to donate, they can go to the following donation sites: Red Cross and GlobalMedic

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