Students, Officers Face Off For Fun

Photo of the blog author By Constable Cheryl Tomlinson-Thompson,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:01 p.m. May 14, 2014

Police officers from 42 Division put down their Service-issued equipment for a bit and took up some hockey sticks in a floor hockey challenge from the students and staff at Francis Libermann Catholic High School.

An adult shoots as teenage boys wearing pinnies are nearby
An officer takes a shot on net
  • An adult shoots as teenage boys wearing pinnies are nearby
  • Teenage boys and men holding hockey sticks in a gym
  • People playing floor hockey in a gym

Thanks to the invitation of Dave Ebreo, Libermann’s athletic director our 42 Division Community Response Unit put together a team. It was a mini tournament of 8 teams divided in two pools. The three- on-three with one goalie games were five minutes in length which saw some saves, some goals, and a whole lot of sweat.

Principal Brian Hunt, who was dubbed “The Left Wing Sniper,” commented:

“There is nothing better than a good, old-fashioned floor hockey game to break down barriers between adults and kids, between teachers and students, police and students. That’s what happened at Libermann on Friday, May 2 when dozens of students, teachers and Toronto Police Officers gathered in the gym to show off their hockey skills. Students got a chance to see their teachers, their principal and police officers without their suits and uniforms, a chance to see them as real people. There were  lots of laughs, sweat, pizza and water. It was a great success due to the hard work of SRO (School Resource Officer) Cheryl Tomlinson-Thompson and Libermann’s Athletic Director, Dave Ebreo, thank you both.”

The students had an enjoyable time and advised they look forward to having police officers come in again to share with them.  

Student Amedeo Digiovanni got the opportunity to play and he commented:

“Friday, May 2, was my favourite day of the whole school year so far! I thought it was great how our school organized this three-on-three floor hockey. I also think that it was cool that cops took time out of their day to play. It was really neat. I’m really looking forward to playing three-on-three floor hockey next year.”

Staff Sergeant David Rydzik, of the 42 Division Community Response Unit, was on hand and reminded all: “This is a great example of what community policing is about, our youths getting the opportunity to meet officers in a common setting, and having them realize that police officers are a part of their community.  Many thanks to Francis Libermann for hosting us, and thanks to PC Cheryl Tomlinson-Thompson for the great job she is doing with our youths.  A special thanks to all of the officers who were more than willing to give up their time to further develop their bond with the community.”

A big thanks to the officers who participated, SROs Constable Richard Davies, Christopher Mitchell; CSLO PC Alison Burns; Neighbourhood officers, PCs Michael Burleau, Jaime Knox, Gurminder Minhas, Devon Martin; Frauds DC Luigi Trovato; CRU PCs Eric Skrepnik, Steve Fernandez; Community Svc PC Dale Nichiporik.

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