Sloly Interview on Decline in Toronto Criminal Cases

Photo of the blog author By Meaghan Gray,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:50 p.m. June 27, 2014

Deputy Chief Peter Sloly speaks with Nasrin Zamani, of Dadgar Magazine, about a decline in criminal court cases in Toronto.

A screen grab of the magazine article online that features a picture of Sloly in uniform
Dadgar Magazine interviews Deputy Chief Peter Sloly on a decline in criminal court cases in Toronto

Deputy Chief Sloly talks about the many factors with the Persian-Canadian law review magazine that result in the decline over the course of the interview. An excerpt from Deputy Chief Sloly responses:

"What I can say has been a steady trend for 8 years straight, in Toronto, we’ve had year over year decreases in Crime and year over year decreases in violent crime.Despite all the factors I talked about before when you see almost a decade long trend, you have to contribute that to key elements; and one of those key elements is policing. The other element is I think we have a very good city. Despite being one of the most diverse cities, we are the fourth largest city in North America, but we have the lowest crime rate for a major urban centre. And I think that’s credit to good police work and a lot of good people. And those good people willing to work with the good police. So those are the two major factors. There was a sharp drop last year; I think we had double digit reductions. Every year we try to fine tune what we are doing in terms of crime management, and I think we made some good changes over the last two or three years, that really came together and saw a bigger drop than normal, there was almost 15% total reduction in crime. At the same time we are reducing that crime trying different methods, so instead of traditionally “the enforcement” side we’re doing a lot more prevention, a lot more partnerships. So we are not happening to use the enforcements as much as we have in the past, and we’re still able to get as good or in this case better results."

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