Iftaar Marked at Police Station

By Constable Mohammad Haji,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:50 p.m. July 10, 2014
Updated: 10:08 a.m. July 14, 2014

For the Muslim community, the month of Ramadan is a time when they fast from sunrise to sunset, to reflect upon their faith and share the blessings.

A woman wearing a headscarf cups her hands near her face
A woman praying at the conclusion of Maghrib (Sunset) prayer at the Iftar Dinner
  • A woman wearing a headscarf cups her hands near her face
  • A man in TPS uniform with another man
  • A group of men, one in TPS uniform
  • A group of people slightly bowed with their backs to the camera
  • Two men in TPS uniform with another man

To achieve that, Muslims invite their friends and family members to break their fast at sundown, either at their residences or make arrangements at local mosques. 

On July 4, keeping in view with that tradition, members of the 31 Division Community Response Unit held an Iftaar (meal breaking the fast at sunset) at their community room for the members of the local Muslim community. The purpose of the Iftaar was not only to bridge gaps with the Muslim Community but also strengthen the community/police relationship. The police do not exist in isolation and cannot operate on their own. Hence, the cooperation and partnership is extremely important for the Toronto Police in serving the communities well.  

The Iftaar was attended by members of the local Muslim community who have three mosques in the area. Among others in attendance were members of the Toronto Police Muslim Consultative Committee, including Osman Khan and Omar Farooq.

The event started with Sergeant Andrew Kis, of the Community Response Unit, welcoming the guests and highlighting the strong community-police partnership to serve the people living within 31 Division. 

Osman Khan also addressed the gathering. He expressed his pleasure and gratitude for the event.

Inspector Riyaz Hussein, of 31 Division, also addressed participants. Hussein was very appreciative of the community members for attending the Iftaar and stressed the need for a continued partnership between the Muslim community and 31 Division. 

The participants of the event broke their fast at 9:02 PM and were served with a platter containing dates, samosa and a strawberry. 

After breaking their fast, Muslim community members offered their prayers.

The event concluded with a dinner.

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