Mental Health Information Session

By Constable Jamshid Habibullah,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:59 p.m. July 14, 2014

The Toronto Police Muslim Community Consultative Committee (MCCC) held an information session about mental health on June 18.

A large group of people seated and standing for a group photo
Members of the community and Muslim Consultative Committee who participated in a consultation session on mental health
  • A large group of people seated and standing for a group photo
  • Men and women seated in rows of chairs looking forward

The topics discussed included stress, various mental disorders, mental wellbeing and available resources within the Toronto Police Service and other partner agencies.

Guest speakers included Ayodele Okpoye, from the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health  (CAMH), and members of the Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (MCIT) Constable Thomas Malyk, from 22 Division, along with nurse Conny Stefan from St. Joseph Health Centre. 

Inspector Gregory Cole, the assistant uniform co-chair of the MCCC, attended the event along with other MCCC community members and outlined the importance of mental health awareness in his opening remarks. 

“The purpose of mental health information session is to provide the Muslim community an opportunity to get to know what resources are available in our Service and other partner agencies,” Cole said. “It’s the Toronto Police Service’s priority to build a meaningful community partnership for a safer city”. 

Taalib Shivraj, who was one of the attendees at the mental health information session, said the event raised awareness. 

”The event served to show the increasing mental health challenges society faces today and the continuous support of the Toronto Police Service, the community and counselling centers to address such issues. The event served to show that individual who are going through mental challenges are not alone.” 

Further to that, the Toronto Police Service has created MCITs in partnership with the local hospitals to assess the needs of the community and connect people in crisis with appropriate services.

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