Midtown Officers Help Honour WWII Leader

Photo of the blog author By Ron Fanfair,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 1:57 p.m. December 15, 2014

When Brigadier General Harold Brown passed away last October, the Toronto Police 53 Division Community Response Unit (CRU) played a major role in the funeral preparation.

A man in TPS uniform is handed a plaque by a man in military dress uniform
Staff Sergeant Matthew Moyer accepts the award of recognition from the 7th Toronto Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery

“We had three days to take care of most of the arrangements and our group came through,” said Staff Sergeant Matt Moyer. “That was such a big event that we put together an operational plan for it. We covered the funeral home by standing on guard while family and friends paid their respects and on the day of the funeral, we escorted the 25-pound Howitzer gun from Moss Park and also the family to the church and the burial site.”

Brown, believed to be the last of the Second World War’s Canadian Commanding officers, died at age 103.

This was not the first time that Moyer and his CRU had stepped up to the plate to help out with a military funeral.

“We have had a relationship with the 7th Toronto Regiment over the years,” he said.

Brown was the regiment’s honourary lieutenant colonel and honourary colonel from 1986-1991. 

On Friday, December 5, Moyer and CRU received an Award of Recognition from the regiment for their outstanding support during numerous outreach and ceremonial events.

“Our unit is always willing and ready to support the regiment in whatever way we can when it comes to funerals and other details,” said Moyer.

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