Women Introduced to PREP Test

By Staff Sergeant Joni Sousa-Guthrie,
Toronto Police Service
Published: noon December 12, 2014
Updated: 1:39 p.m. December 15, 2014

On Saturday, December 6, the Toronto Police Service Employment Unit facilitated an Asian Female Information and Physical Readiness Evaluation for Policing (PREP) Session, at the Toronto Police College.

One women holds a grip test machine with two hands as another woman looks on explaining to a large audience of women in bleaches in a gym
Potential recruits watch a demonstration of the hysical Readiness Evaluation for Policing (PREP) test - a requirement to apply as a police officer
  • One women holds a grip test machine with two hands as another woman looks on explaining to a large audience of women in bleaches in a gym
  • Three people standing at the front of the room with large screens displaying the TPS logo to a large seated audience. Perspective of photo from back of the room.
  • A group of people in TPS athletic gear stand in a row

The interest was so great that the session was opened up to all women wishing to attend.

The Employment Unit was superbly assisted in this endeavour by numerous Toronto Police Auxiliary officers and Police Constables Carmine Wong, Ilanna Gavaller, Michelle Kim and Jennifferjit Sidhu, as well as Ambassador Cynthia Persaud and Toronto Police Rovers Varun Thakur and Jocelyn Campbell.

The attendees were women from all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, women embarking upon their first careers and those considering an exciting, worthwhile career change. Potential candidates first listened attentively to information about the application and hiring process, including the requirements that must be met prior to applying. There was then a question-and-answer session where many attendees asked pertinent questions about uniform as well as civilian career opportunities within the Toronto Police Service.

Attendees were then welcomed into the gymnasium for a demonstration of the PREP test, which must be successfully completed in under two minutes and 42 seconds. There was then ample opportunity for the women to experience first-hand what the test will be like by practicing on the equipment and taking part in the shuttle run. 

According to Ann Marie Henry, unit commander of the Employment Unit, the female Prep sessions have become a resounding success.

"Female applicants have the opportunity to engage other females like themselves who have the same concerns and questions about a career in law enforcement and the potential impacts to family. The female-focused session allows our recruiters to address these concerns that impact potential applicants and provide approaches for a successful physical test," she said.

"The Toronto Police Service, as world leaders in policing innovation, continually strives to reflect inclusivity as it pertains to the communities it services and as such is constantly presenting itself to various communities as a viable choice of employment," Henry said. 

The Employment Unit hosts monthly information sessions as well as practice sessions for the PREP and the PATI/WCT. If you are curious about a career in policing we look forward to seeing you at one of these sessions. 

For more information visit tps.on.ca/careers

Prep Test Tips & Techniques Video

Full, Timed PREP Test Video  

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