Contribution to Community Marked

By 32 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 11:09 a.m. January 26, 2015

Superintendent Selwyn Fernandes was recognized for his contribution to the North York community.

Two men, one in TPS uniform, holding a certificate in front of Canadian flags
MP Mark Adler presents the Order of York Centre to Superintendent Selwyn Fernandes

On January 15, he received the Order of York Centre from Member of Parliament for York Centre Mark Adler. The MP gave certificates and pins to those being honoured for a valuable contribution to the community.

"It was a pleasure for me to award recipients of the Order of York Centre for all the great work they do in our community and around the world. The Order is a way to honour and recognize ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the service of others," Adler said. "It is incredibly inspiring to be reminded of all the positive changes that are happening right here in our own community. Congratulations to all the recipients and thank you for all that you do to make this world a better place."

The 2015 Order of York Centre Award Recipients are:

Boris Nusenbaum, Pastor Jesse Anunciacion, Rabbi Sean Gorman, Pastor Bill Sunberg, Alexei Tsvetkov, Randy Maxwell, Darren Dunlop, Valerie Jacobs, Don Buckley, Audrey Guth, Rabbi Tina Grimberg, Dr. Nehama Baum, Masani Montague, Wendy Preskow, Frank Diamant, Wendy Melvin, Ori Goldstein, Luba Cherny, Maia Master, Lucia Tore, Ena Cord, Zelda Young, Martin Maxwell, Igor Toutchinski, Svetlana Dvoretsky, Rabbi Howard Morrison, Rabbi Steve Saltzman, Dr. Ron Linden, Cary Green, Jeanne Beker, Dahlia Rusinek, Konstantin Toubis, Pastor Ivan , Deyanira Mendez, Cantor David Edwards, and Superintendent Selwyn Fernandes.

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