Ice and Water Safety Warning

By Constable Richard Baker,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 4:26 p.m. March 10, 2015

With the March Break upon us and the warmer weather approaching Toronto Police Marine officers would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about ice and rapid-water safety.

A boat with the Toronto skyline and a shoreline in background
A marine rescue boat patrols Toronto Islands

At this time of the year, with the milder temperatures setting in, it is important to remember that with the melting snow and ice our rivers and streams will begin to swell resulting in fast moving water. Ice will also definitely be weakened by the warmer temperatures  over the next few weeks and it is crucial that the public avoid going out onto the ice formed on Lake Ontario or other bodies of water in the GTA. 

Remember, all ice is unsafe, especially at this time of year.

Parents are requested to take the time to explain to their children the dangers related to water at this time of year. Everyone should know that they need to always respect the water and all it’s potential dangers. Cold water immersion is very serious and must always be a consideration at this time of year. 

In conclusion, water safety is a shared responsibility that everyone should take seriously and ensure every precaution is taken to keep ourselves and others safe. 

Remember also, if you see someone in distress call 911! 

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