Taking One For Team Special Olympics

By Manager Brenda Radix,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 1:58 p.m. May 27, 2015
Updated: 9:44 a.m. May 28, 2015

Property & Evidence Management (PEMU) and Parking Enforcement teamed up to give Special Olympians the opportunity to compete.

A woman has a large bucket of water dumped over her
PEMU Manager Brenda Radix accepts her chilly fate to raise money through a bucket tip
  • A woman has a large bucket of water dumped over her
  • A man and woman in parking uniform with another man at a table with BBQ condiments
  • A woman in TPS uniform sits and has water dumped over her by three men
  • A man smiles as he holds forward a wet t-shirt
  • Four men standing together

This was the first time that PEMU and Parking Enforcement have participated in a joint fundraising initiative, and the huge success of the event was due to the efforts of first-time Torch Run representatives Nick Stamatakis, of PEMU, and Parking Officer Hassan Mansoor. They were supported by volunteers Kristian Bonadie and co-op student Vinooth Navaratnam, of PEMU and Alki Litsios of Parking Enforcement.

Gordon Walsh and Mike Cull each made a generous donation towards the purchase of food for the event.

The event involved a BBQ, raffles, Bucket Tip, and also featured a DJ.  The DJ, Gus Sarris, volunteered his own time to this worthy cause, and elevated the event by including music which created a positive and energetic environment.

The members involved in the Bucket Tip were myself, Parking Enforcement Staff Sergeant Nicole Lee and PEMU Torch Run rep Nick Stamatakis. A donations of $20 gave staff members the opportunity to splash colleagues with cold water.

The event provided the Property and Evidence Management Unit and Parking Enforcement with the unique opportunity of not only participating in an incredible fundraising initiative in support of the Special Olympics, but it also fostered the development of friendships and partnerships between members of the two units as they worked together in a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie for this exceptional cause.

It should also be noted that the friendship and synergy extended past the two units, as members from the Toronto Drug Squad also attended the event to show their support.  They not only participated in the BBQ, but also made a generous donation during the Bucket Tip.

Due to the generosity and true spirit of giving back to the community, the event raised a total of  $1,126 for Special Olympics Ontario!

Manager Kim Rossi and I are so proud of the efforts expended by our personnel to ensure this event was a truly enjoyable experience for all involved, and also so highly successful from a fundraising perspective.

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