24-hour Vigil Remembers Fallen

Photo of the blog author By Sara Faruqi,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:38 p.m. October 23, 2015

Members of the Toronto Police Military Veterans Association (TPMVA) maintained a 24-hour vigil in honour of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent who were targeted because of their military service.

Two men in TPS uniform stand on either side of a monument in front of a building
Toronto Police Military Veterans Association members kept vigil for 24 hours on Oct. 22 at the Old City Hall Cenotaph
  • Two men in TPS uniform stand on either side of a monument in front of a building
  • Two men staining at a monument

TPMVA president Dana Gidlow said members took shifts standing sentry at the cenotaph in recognition that the attacks do not dissuade Canadians from living freely.

“Our sentries are unarmed as we feel acts of remembrance in Canada it is not a requirement for Canadians to gather at cenotaphs and be armed," Gidlow said. 

Cirillo was gunned down Oct. 22, 2014, at the National War Memorial by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who later stormed into the Centre Block of the House of Commons where he was shot dead. Two days earlier in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. a man deliberately ran down 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

A few minutes before 10 a.m., the time when Cirillo was killed, there was a pipers lament played by a TPS officer from the Pipe band.

“We grieve his loss, it was a callous and cowardly act by an individual who wished to disrupt our nation and the values we stand for. So in his memory all others who have made a sacrifice we felt we would mark this date with a vigil," Gidlow said of Cirillo.

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