Crime Prevention Team in 53D

By 53 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 10:09 a.m. December 15, 2015

The Crime Prevention Team in 53 Division reunites Rookie with Coach.

Two men in TPS uniform
53 Division Crime Prevention Officers Constables Alex Li and Tim Somers

Constable Timothy Somers joined the Toronto Police Service in 2001. After a few years patrolling in 41 Division, Somers moved to 53 Division in 2004. 

In 2005, Police Constable Alex Li joined the service. After Police College, in 2006, Li was deployed to 53 Division. He joined C Platoon where he met his first Coach Officer Constable Somers. The two built a friendship over the years together on the platoon. 

In 2014, Constable Alex Li was selected to the position of Crime Prevention Officer, replacing outgoing Constable Brian Yuile. Li was already a Community Response Officer for a few years giving him a valuable advantage for the job.

This change reunited a rookie officer and his coach. The two have been fellow officers and friends to this day. Now they are the Crime Prevention Team for 53 Division providing lectures, doing security auditing (CPTED), creating Community Initiatives to bolster the relationship between the Police & the Community. They have several new ideas to continue preventing crime and keeping the 53 Division community safe and secure. 

To learn more about 53 Division Community Events and Crime Prevention visit TPS53 on Facebook, and follow Staff Sergeant Matthew Moyer @TPSMattMoyer, Constable Timothy Somers @PC90023 and Constable Alex Li @copwholovescars

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