Constable Connects Through Cast

Photo of the blog author By Rochelle Burnett,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 10:50 a.m. March 15, 2016

A happy mother sent the Toronto Police a photo through a direct message on Twitter thanking Constable Sven Brown for lifting the spirits of her son at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

A man in TPS uniform beside a boy in a wheelchair
Constable Sven Brown signs the cast of Sebastien at St. Joeseph's Health Centre
  • A man in TPS uniform beside a boy in a wheelchair
  • A boy in a TPS hat and jacket

Constable Brown was at the hospital with his partner on an unrelated call when he saw a little boy sitting in a wheelchair with a cast on his arm. 

He stopped and asked what happened and it turns out Sebastien had been playing "cops and robbers." He was playing the robber when he tripped and fell running away from the cop. Brown told him the cool thing about having a cast was that people got to sign it and he was the first to sign Sebastien’s cast. 

Sebastien got a tour of 14 Division station a few days later and met up again with Brown who gave him a teddy bear. Sebastien agreed next time he will play the cop.

Watch Sebastien's Tour of 14 Division 

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