Foot Patrol Officers Enjoy Positive Interactions

Photo of the blog author By Rochelle Burnett,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:28 p.m. March 16, 2016

A member of the public emailed us to say how she appreciated seeing a pair of officers stop to have a chat with a homeless youth to check up on him and his dogs so we caught up with the officers.

A woman and man in TPS uniform
Constables Sydney Evershed and Anhony Lamanna enjoy the chance to talk to the public on foot patrol

Constables Sydney Evershed and Anthony Lamana were on foot patrol downtown when they encountered the young homeless man who was panhandling on the sidewalk with his three dogs.

They decided to check up on him and find out if they could refer him to any resources and find out if he and has dogs had something to eat.

“At first he was a little bit apprehensive seeing officers approach him, he thought he was going to get a ticket or something and he was amazed that we were just concerned about his well-being," Lamanna said.

He said as ambassadors for the city, police officers have the ability to have a positive affect on the daily lives of everyone the meet. 

Evershed said it was great to hear that a member of the public appreciated the interaction.

“The beautiful thing about being on foot is really connecting with the community and getting to talk to everyone,” Evershed said.

WATCH Youtube Video of Constables Evershed and Lamanna

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