Long Distance Call To Locate Mom

Photo of the blog author By Rochelle Burnett,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 10:09 a.m. March 22, 2016
Updated: 10:17 a.m. March 22, 2016

Sometimes officers taking some simple steps ensures a family has peace of mind.

Two men in TPS uniform stand in front of a TPS crest on a wall
Constables Timothy Price and Glen Brunelle at 12 Division

We received an email from a woman in Georgia thanking two officers, Constables Glen Brunelle and Timothy Price for going above and beyond her expectations in locating her mother.

The officers received the information and went to the mother’s address. They did not find anyone home and contacted the manager of the seniors building. While waiting for a property manager to arrive, neighbours told the officers they believed she had gone to stay with friends from a church group as she was not doing well. 

Once able to see inside the apartment with the property manager, it was easy to tell that no one had been staying there for some time. The officers contacted hospitals to ensure she had not been admitted and took down some more contact information from the neighbours of the friends in the church group. As it had gotten late into the night, they provided the phone numbers to the daughter in Georgia to make the calls the next morning.  

When the officers began their shift the next day, they were delighted to hear that the daughter had made contact with her mother.

The daughter appreciated all the efforts. 

“The amazing way that they responded not only blew my mind, but it made me have to write this letter to tell you how appreciative I am of them. I called more than once and even though I feel like I may be a bother to them, they did not act that way. They were extremely pleasant and helpful. I appreciate their humbleness and the way they helped me.” She thanked the Toronto Police Service for “having great officers who go above and beyond to help others.”

Price said they were glad to play a role in finding her mom but it was just part of their normal work.

“All we did was spend a little more time on it instead of just writing a report.”

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