Service Members Support Gala

Photo of the blog author By Sara Faruqi,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 8 a.m. March 31, 2016

Over 80 volunteers from the Toronto Police Service, both uniformed and civilian, helped make the David Foster Foundation Miracle Concert a success in Toronto.

The chief looking at a photo album as a man stands next to him
The David Foster Foundation presented the Chief with a Photo Album of their Miracle Concert as a thank you gift.
  • The chief looking at a photo album as a man stands next to him
  • The chief with a man in a suit

As a thank you to the Service, the David Foster Foundation presented Chief Saunders with a photo book from the event.

The David Foster Foundation holds a gala every year where they raise funds to help support families who have children in need of organ donations. This time around the miracle concert managed to raise $6.5 million. 

Toronto Police volunteers worked for over five days in providing security and logistics for the Miracle Concert, said Sergeant Sheila Richardson who oversaw the whole process for the Service. 

“Our contribution was the voluntary assets that looked after the security of the event, the logistics of picking up musicians and looking after equipment and all kinds of things.” 

John Danson, Senior Vice President at the David Foster Foundation said only 17 photo books are given out as thank you gifts. 

“Seventeen go out to people that are important to us and provided something that would benefit the concert and the gala which ultimately benefits the kids and family,” said Danson. 

“The Toronto police were phenomenal. The whole week they provided us dozens of people… So many helped (and) how do we say thank you? The families say thank you to us, so we wanted to give something to be remembered,” he said, presenting the book to Chief Mark Saunders.

Chief Saunders was happy to have received the book and to have had his Service members give up their own time for a great cause. 

“From a police perspective we had 84 people from the Toronto Police Service volunteer their own free time to make this happen. We played a very intricate role in the success of this, and I received countless compliments from so many different entities of the David Foster Miracle Concert saying what a tremendous thank you for the work that we did and as ambassadors,” said the Chief. 

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