Officers Introduce Teens to Lacrosse

Photo of the blog author By Constable Randall Arsenault,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 2:09 p.m. June 2, 2016

Students had the chance to try a new sport alongside officers at a mentoring session.

A man wearing a helmet holding a lacrosse stick in front of a net
Constable David Sawyer mans the net while teaching students the fundamentals of lacrosse
  • A man wearing a helmet holding a lacrosse stick in front of a net
  • A girl uses a lacrosse stick
  • A man standing in front of a row of students, some holding lacrosse sticks
  • A woman holding a lacrosse stick in front of students
  • A group of teenagers and some adults in front of a lacrosse net

Constable Leanna Gill decided to take St. Rose of Lima students outside as part of a Kids, Cops and Computers mentoring session. The program ensures kids have access to a computer in their room and connects them with police officers who act as pen pals and mentors.

Gill had the choice of what to do for their last class mentoring session, so she enlisted the help of Constable David Sawyer, who is the vice president of the lacrosse program for the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association.

They both assisted in teaching the students the game of lacrosse.

"We wanted to introduce the students to a sport that most of them didn't know anything about and is very popular in Canada," said Gill "We were impressed with how quickly they learned the sport."

Principal Paul Sullivan also showed off some hidden lacrosse skills beating  Gill on defence and scoring on Sawyer. 

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