Guns Seized on Haiti Mission

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Toronto Police Service
Published: 4:47 p.m. September 23, 2016

Despite being in Haiti for less than a month, Constable Anthony Lefrancois has worked with Haitian police to make a major impact on safety on the island nation.

Long black guns leaning against a bus
Rifles and shotguns seized by Haitian authorities
  • Long black guns leaning against a bus
  • Back long guns

He was part of a team of law enforcement officials that seized a large quantity of guns and ammunition at the port of Saint Marc in western Haiti.

The shipment included 150 12-gauge shotguns, nine double-barrel 12-gauge shotguns, five M4 rifles and a glock pistol.

A total of five tactical vests and 15 pairs of handcuffs were also seized.

Lefrancois and Constable Lisa Prechotko arrived in Haiti late last month to perform critical United Nations peacekeeping and peace support duties in support of Haitian law enforcement. Past Toronto Police officers have worked side-by-side with Haitian officers, acting as mentors and helping to deliver training.

“We are very proud of Anthony and the good work he has already done,” said Sergeant John Lo Bianco, the Toronto Police International Police Peace Operations co-ordinator. “Haiti has an election early next month and it’s vital that these weapons not end up in the wrong hands.”

The National Police of Haiti and Customs officers at the National Port Authority collaborated to uncover the shipment.

The Service has officers deployed in Ukraine, also on a mission to help develop a new police service in the country. Toronto officers have served in a similar mission in Afghanistan over the past decade.

Photos: Haiti Sentinel

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