Youth Take a Trip to the Jays Game

By 23 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:06 p.m. October 5, 2016

Officers ensured a group of Somali kids got the chance to join in Jays fever at the Rogers Centre.

Several students standing together in a group.
  • Several students standing together in a group.
  • Youth sitting at the jays game.
  • picture of the stadium and jays game.
  • Men sitting on bleachers at the Jays game.

Members of the 23 Division Somali Liaison Unit (SLU) secured corporate funding through a community organization to purchase 20 tickets to the Blue Jays final Home game to benefit youth  from the Islington, Queen's Plate and Dixon neighbourhoods.

The young people took in the game alongside officers who are assigned to their neighbourhoods.

"The best part was seeing the kids in awe at the game," said Sgt. Brian Beadman. "Many of them had never been to a game before."

The evening started with complimentary pizza for the youth at the Big Blue Door games room (at 340 Dixon Rd)  followed by a unique experience on the Union/Pearson Express train ride to Union station. The youth were able to interact with several officers and community volunteers one on one.  

Even though the Jays suffered a loss, the youth enjoyed the positive experience of interacting with their local neighborhood officers. Some of them expressed interest in becoming future police officers.  In addition, the youth’s parents expressed their gratitude for this unique experience and they were also extremely appreciative.  

On another positive note, many of the youth were recruited to assist the SLU with future community outreach initiatives to fulfill their volunteer obligations through their high school programs.

Vounteers included Constables Jay Ahmed, Jesse Jheeta, Jag Dhillon, Jay Ahmed and Milpreet Khera and Faiza Zulfiqar and Sahra Mahdi.

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