Trans Guide to Police

Photo of the blog author By Ron Fanfair,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 6 a.m. January 27, 2017

Toronto Police has created a guide that will provide members of the Trans community with information about how to report crimes and what they can do to protect themselves and get the required support they need if they don’t want to contact police.

Cover page of Trans Guide
A Guide to Police Services in Toronto: Dedicated to our Trans Communities is available online

Guide to Police Services in Toronto: Dedicated to our Trans Communities is now available online.

Meaghan Gray, of Corporate Communications, said the idea for the guide was conceived by Constable Danielle Bottineau, the Service’s LBGTQ liaison officer, who approached her with concerns regarding victimized Trans community members.

The victimization ranged from sexual assault and harassment to hate crimes.

“We have challenges in the LGBTQ community in general with under-reporting, but, specifically, with Trans community members who are not coming forward to police,” said Gray. “Danielle heard about these crimes through her community connections. Much of this has to do with the relationship the Service has with the LBGTQ community, specifically the Trans community over the last few years, in encouraging them to trust us and come forward and report any victimization.”

Gray said police officers have a duty to protect every citizen and keep neighbourhoods safe.

“However, we can’t do this alone,” she added. “We know members of the Trans community are unaware of the resources available to them. Also, they are concerned how being Trans would affect them coming forward to police. We felt we needed to be proactive and get out information to the community about how they can approach the police.”

The guide, dedicated to Trans people who have lost their lives to violence, is available on the Toronto Police Service website (View LGBTQ Liaison Officer webpage) and in hard copy. Anyone who would like a hard copy can contact

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