Marking Tibetan New Year

By 22 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 6 a.m. March 16, 2017

Officers from 22 Division celebrated the Tibetan New Year (Losar) on March 4 at the Tibetan Cultural Centre in Etobicoke.

A man in TPS uniform holding a white scarf
Staff Sergeant Doug MacDonald lays a ceremonial scarf, a khata, beneath a portrait of the Dalai Lama
  • A man in TPS uniform holding a white scarf
  • Three men in TPS uniform saluting in a large crowd

A ceremony was held to mark the the year of Firebird according to the Tibetan lunar calendar. Tibetan communities in Ontario celebrated the Losar festival with traditional prayer and dance.

22 Division Superintendent Shaun Narine, Staff Sergeant Doug MacDonald and Detective Lhawang Jongdong were amongst the guests at the festival along with local politicians.

The Tibetan community acknowledged and thanked Superintendent Shaun Narine for his unwavering support and services provided by the 22 Division officers.

In keeping with Toronto Police Service mission and the guiding principles, 22 Division has organized various community outreach programs in the Tibetan community such as ProAction Cops & Kids basketball tournament and held information sessions concerning domestic violence, elder abuse and fraud and impaired driving. These community outreach programs were conducted in collaboration with the Tibetan Canadian Culture Centre, the Toronto Fire Service, Alcohol and Gaming Commission, Toronto West Courts, the Canadian Mental Health Association and Toronto East Court crown’s office.

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