Stay Off Ice

By Constable Richard Baker,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 1:10 p.m. March 21, 2017

With seasonable temperatures this week and predicted warmer temperatures approaching, Torontonians are being reminded to stay off natural ice surfaces on open bodies of water for their safety as well as their pets.

City skyline by lake
A view of Sunnyside Beach at sunrise

The Toronto Police Service Marine Unit says open water and storm water management pond ice in Toronto are unstable and never truly safe.

“As Spring run-off starts to happen, road salt can also make its way into Toronto’s lakes, rivers, streams and ponds and this increases the instability of ice,” said Constable Richard Baker. “Storm water sewers also drain into retention ponds, many of which are located in our parks, including High Park's Grenadier Pond.”

Individuals seeking more information can call the Marine Unit at (414) 808-5821.

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