Prom 9-1-1

By 55 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 5:03 p.m. May 3, 2017

The second floor of the Eastview Community Centre was transformed into a one-stop shop for teens looking to their perfect look for prom night.

A group of people, one in TPS uniform
Constable Pavlina Jaresova, with a couple who found their prom look, as well as Gary Levy, of Big Brother Canada
  • A group of people, one in TPS uniform
  • A woman in TPS uniform with two teenage girls in formal wear
  • A man in TPS uniform knotting a necktie
  • A group of people, two in TPS uniform
  • A woman in TPS uniform with another woman
  • Two women, one in TPS uniform

It was the fourth consecutive year members of the 55 Division Community Response Team organized the 9-1-1 Prom Program, which took place on April 30.

In all more than 500 dresses along with shoes, handbags and jewelry were donated, including, for the first time since its inception, items for boys with over 35 suits as well as dress pants, dress shirts, ties and shoes.

“The looks on the faces of both the boys and girls who attended the event were priceless. Not only the kids but also their parent were truly grateful to be able to find items they otherwise might not have been able to afford along with knowing they would be looking fashionable at their year-end prom,” said Constable Pavlina Jaresova, an organizer of the event that was promoted by Constables Jonathan Morrice in the local media and Constable Curtis Celestine at local high schools. “Everyone who attended left with a smile and there were many great stories.”

She said a couple came in together in hopes of finding formal wear.

“Not only did they find something they loved, they also managed to coordinate their clothing to match with one another. The boy even exclaimed that he can never find anything his size and was beside himself that he was able to find anything that would fit him,” Jaresova said. “He also took the opportunity to learn how to knot a tie as Constable Erik Sudmals was providing free lessons to many of the boys who attended and were interested in learning.”

Constables Katie Shipley, Erik Sudmals, Sue Sheppard and Pat MacDonald spent the morning transforming the second floor of the Eastview Community Centre into what seemed to resemble a high-end clothing store. Racks filled with seemingly endless amounts of clothing and tables displaying all the accessories.

In all more than 150 dresses and suits were picked by students along with many accessories to match their respective selections. In all, the day was a big success and would not have been made possible without the following community members:

  • Louise Jandine and her friends who were the single largest donor with more than 120 dresses
  • Local community for donating overwhelming amount of donations. 
  • Pat MacDonald for providing access to the venue and assisting on the day of the event
  • Gary Levy from Big Brother Canada who attended and volunteered at the event
  • Sue Sheppard from 55 Division who helped to sort out the donations on her own time as well as volunteering during the event.
  • Marie Gerardine Sanj a local volunteer from the community
  • Parking Enforcement East for their numerous donations
  • Value Village for providing clothing racks, mirrors and hangers
  • Local Media for promoting the event
  • 55 Division personnel for their donations
  • 55 Community Response Team for building partnerships and coordinating this event

The remaining items were further donated to the Salvation Army, Value Village and the Pegasus Store locatedat 931 Kingston Rd. (Community Project for Adults with Special Needs).

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