Trainers Retire After Readying Recruits

Photo of the blog author By Ron Fanfair,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 2:18 p.m. February 4, 2019

The last day of January was the first day for 55 recruits eager to make their mark with Toronto Police.

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S/Sgt. Steve Pattison and Sgt. Andrew Kis both retired after seeing through the latest class of police constables through to their graduation on January 31

However, it also was the last day on the job for veteran officers S/Sgt. Steve Pattison and Sgt. Andrew Kis who played huge roles in preparing new recruits at the Toronto Police College.

Pattison was in charge of the recruit training and leadership while Kis was an instructor.

“This is the perfect ending,” said Pattison, who was hired as a cadet in 1981. “It was important for me to finish what I started with this group of officers. It’s so gratifying to see them graduate because I know they received the best training and have all the tools they need to police in this city.”

After a semester in college, Pattison joined the Service. Starting at 33 Division, he worked in Divisional roles including Major Crime and with Special Investigation Services before securing promotion in 2005 and been assigned to 12 Division where he spent a year before going to 22 Division.

Promoted to S/Sgt. in 2009, Pattison was the executive officer for retired senior officer Jeff McGuire prior to undertaking a police mentoring role in Afghanistan. On his return, he headed staff planning and served as executive officer for Corporate Services director Kristine Kijewski before going to the college in November 2014.

He plans to travel and get to work with his hands on home improvement projects.

Leaving the Service on graduation day was also pleasing for Kis who joined the Service on February 2, 1982.

“It’s a fortune of circumstance the way it has happened and it makes a great ending to my law enforcement career,” he noted. “Watching the new recruits come in fresh and green not knowing each other and then seeing them bond and grow in confidence and knowledge and then seeing them on their proud day when they get to walk out is such an amazing experience.”

Kis created a mini-documentary of the recruits training that’s shown at the graduation ceremony.

After three years as a cadet working in the Summons Bureau and at headquarters under then Supt. William McCormack, Kis was assigned to One Traffic after graduating.

“I rode a motorcycle for three years doing traffic patrol, writing tickets and investigating minor accidents” he said. “In the winter time, we didn’t have the luxury of a car.”

Of his 37 years on the job, a total of 22 was spent at 31 Division. 

“I learned so much there. I got a lot of job satisfaction in my last years there in the Detective office and the Community Response Unit.”

Kis, who has two children, is looking forward to retirement

“I have a lot of personal things to look after,” he said. “I am an avid cyclist and I have a big network in that community.”

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