Officers Enjoy TamilFest

Photo of the blog author By Ron Fanfair,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 6 a.m. September 24, 2019

Members of the Toronto Police Service took part in TamilFest celebrating the culture of the Tamil community.

A man in TPS uniform on stage
Superintendent Tony Riviere speaks at TamilFest
  • A man in TPS uniform on stage
  • A group of TPS uniform officers
  • Two men in TPS uniform with men in matching T-Shirts
  • Two officers among a street festival crowd

Members of the Toronto Police’s South & West Asian Chief’s Consultative Committee as well as 42 Division took part in this year’s TamilFest, which is the largest Tamil street festival of its kind outside the Indian subcontinent.

It took place on August 24 in Scarborough in the area of Markham Rd. and McNicoll Ave.

Supt. Riyaz Hussein and Insp. Paul Rinkoff, who are members of the committee, took part in the festivities.

“This is my third year attending and it’s great to see the large turnout from Tamil community members,” said Hussein. “I want to thank the organizers and 42 Division members along with our Special Constables and Auxiliary officers for making this year’s event safe. We really appreciate their continued support.”

Rinkoff said the Tamil Canadian community is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada.

“An event like this is an amazing opportunity to learn about Tamil culture and connect directly with the community,” he said.

Raja Kanaga and Haroon Khan, civilian members of the committee, also attended.

“It has been six years of this community-based event and it keeps getting bigger and better,” Khan said. “I want to thank Toronto Police for this partnership.” 

Members of 42 division led by Supt. Tony Riviera also took the opportunity to participate.

"We are happy to be here to reinforce that the police are part of the fabric of the community, and promoting a safe, healthy and vibrant community is a shared responsibility between the police and members of the community."

This event was hosted by the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) to celebrate the art, culture and food of the community. Each year this festival attracts thousands of people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. There were approximately 200,000 people attended the event this weekend. 

CTC Executive Director Danton Thurairajah appreciated the help of police and all those who took part in the day from around the world.

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