Donating Coats for Winter Season

Photo of the blog author By Ron Fanfair,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 12:29 p.m. December 24, 2019

Students at Taylor Creek Public School in Scarborough forsake their PA Day on December 6 for a worthy cause.

A group of kids and adults in a gym with bags of clothes
Students at Taylor Creek Public School with teachers and police officers who sorted clothing for distribution

When Vice-Principal Angela Jonas-Henry put out the call for help to sort clothing that will be distributed in some of the city’s challenged communities during the Holiday Season, about 20 students put their hands up.

“I told them I had 20 applications and there was no pressure for them to fill up one, offering their assistance,” she said. “I let them know that we should give back something to the community because we are always on the receiving end. This was their day to sleep in, but a few of them came to school and volunteered. I am so proud of them.”

Great Eight student Adam Sangar likes to help people.

“A lot of people don’t have resources,” he said. “This is a good opportunity to do something to help them.”

Munthaka Rahaman didn’t mind coming to school on her day off.

“There are many people out there who are struggling and it’s good they are getting assistance,” she said. “Also, it looks good on your portfolio when people see that you love to volunteer which I like to do.”

The Children’s Breakfast Club donated 500 coats for distribution to the needy.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) selected the communities where the coats will be dispersed.

“They will go to areas like Jane & Finch, Rexdale, Regent Park and parts of Scarborough where there’s a need during the Holiday season,” said Husein Ladha who is the TCHC Manager for Active Living, Grant Development & Sponsorship.

Const. Isabelle Cotton of the Community Partnerships Engagement Unit co-ordinated the project.

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