Santa Claus Parade

By Alice Tham,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 11:32 a.m., December 6, 2013

Toronto Police officers on foot, in cars and on horseback led the Santa Claus Parade on Nov. 17, through the city's core. The Chief's Ceremonial Unit marched in unison and Toronto Police Pipe Band entertained the crowd of thousands. Police and Auxiliary officers also lined the route to ensure everyone's safety throughout the afternoon event.

A modified police car being towed on a trailer
Blinky the talking safety car was out on parade
A modified police car being towed on a trailer
A woman in uniform on horseback waving to onlookers
An officer on horseback waves to a crowd lining the street. A woman and child wave back.
Mounted unit officers on horseback walk down street with tree leafs turned yellow
A close up of bass drum with Toronto Police Pipe Band logo
A group of men in uniform march, one wearing a red nose
A woman in uniform leans over to speak to a group of four children
A large group of men and women in uniform, the front group with Canada and Toronto Police flags
Close up of head and shoulders of four men playing bagpipes
A man in uniform walks on street with blurred background of crowd
A man dressed as a clown walk down street in front of crowd
A man in uniform kneels in front of children wearing penguin uniforms
A yellow car drives along street in front of crowd
A marching band member playing a horn instrument adorned with a wreath
A man in police uniform waves to girls dressed as animals, they wave back
Two women dressed in red costumes yell and wave to crowd
A boy sits in a toy car being towed by an adult
A man in a RCMP uniform rides on horseback and waves to crowd
A man in an auxiliary police uniform in a crowd of people looking at the parade
A man in a Santa Claus costume atop a sleigh