Staff Sergeant Sandy Bates works in South Sudan

Photo of Staff Sergeant Sandy Bates By Staff Sergeant Sandy Bates,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 10:28 a.m., December 30, 2013

Sgt. Sandy Bates travelled to the South Sudan as part of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police International Policing Operation to help create the South Sudan Police Service. She spent a year mentoring officers on the basics of policing procedures as well as reached out to the community to help build trust and partnerships between people and the police.

A large group of men and women stand near a thatched roof hut
Bates with members of the South Sudan Police, community (Chief in white robes) United Nations police from Niagara and Zambia in village of Thar-Kueng
A large group of men and women stand near a thatched roof hut
A group of people sit in chairs in a circular pattern outside under some shade
A woman hunched over a fire as two children on both sides of her look on
Five women walking in a line balancing large bales of grass on their heads
A man kneels of the ground in front of a small village of homes with peaked thatched roofs
A man and woman sit at a table looking down at a piece of paper
A group of men in green police uniforms sit a a long table with pencils and paper in front of them looking at the camera. A woman in a Toronto police uniform stands in the background
A group of children in barefeet and sandals stand on a concrete porch with a woman sitting in the middle of them
Five men in various clothing stand with a woman in a Toronto Police uniform
Two women kneeling with large sticks outside of a grass hut