TPS Table Tennis Team Competes at Tourney

By Alice Tham,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 10:28 a.m., January 23, 2014

The Toronto Police Service Table Tennis Team took on their very first tournament at 2014 Chinese Canadian Government Employee Association Table Tennis Championship. The two rookie TPS teams took on six other experienced sides. The Service members dedicated their free time practicing at churches, community centres and table tennis clubs before the tournament and managed a great display in front of friends and family.

A woman holding a table tennis racket with the ball near the racket
Annie Situ returns the ball
A woman holding a table tennis racket with the ball near the racket
A man playing table tennis has racket over his head and the balls flies across table
A gold coloured trophy with a table tennis player atop it
A man lays on the floor beside a table tennis table with the racket in his hand resting on his chest
A man on the left serves a ball at a table tennis game as two other men across the table anticipate the path of the ball
A man watches as another man hit a ball with table tennis racket
Men and women and a boy sit watching a game as a scorekeeper flips a number at a table beside them
A woman swings at a ball in mid flight with a table tennis racket at a table
A man hits a ball with a table tennis racket at the end of the table
Three men and one woman stand in a line in grey TPS shirts in gym setting