Guns, Drugs Seized in Projects RX and Battery

Photo of Kevin Masterman By Kevin Masterman,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 12:49 p.m., May 29, 2014

Organized Crime Enforcement investigators displayed the drugs, guns and cash seized as part of a year-long case that culminated in raids on May 28. The investigation targeted two rival gangs, the Sick Thugz and Asian Assassins. The display of seized items was part of a media conference held on May 29.

A table full of firearms lay on boxes near a TPS logo
Firearms seized by investigators are forensically analyzed for links to other crimes
A table full of firearms lay on boxes near a TPS logo
A man at a podium near two racks holding plastic bags with powders and marinjuana and guns. A table in front of him has guns on boxes and cash in plastic bags
Two large red metal beam structures
A shotgun on a metal rack
A table with plastic bags of Canadian currency
A man at a podium near a metal rack holding several rifles
Several guns lay on boxes on a table
A man at a podium in OPP uniform behind a table with guns on it
A man speaks behind a metal rack holding a rifle