Project RX and Battery End in Over 50 Search Warrants

Photo of Kevin Masterman By Kevin Masterman,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 12:21 p.m., May 28, 2014

A joint services project ended in the execution of over 50 search warrants in the Greater Toronto Area. Police officers conducted simultaneous raids at 5 a.m. as part of the Projects focusing on sophisticated gangs known for their violence.

A TPS scout car in darkness
A scout car arrives as police execute 5 a.m. search warrants
A TPS scout car in darkness
A group of men in TPS uniform enter a building in darkness
Men in police tactical gear leave a building entrance
A handcuffed man ducks into the back seat of a TPS car as a man In TPS uniform holds his arm and another gets in a the car
A hole in a door with the handle laying on the ground
A man in TPS uniform holds the arm of another man in handcuffs as they walk to a TPS car
Ziploc bags with white and brown powder inside and a bundle of money on a mattress
Two guns, one in a case, one on the carpet
Two men in OPP uniform, one holding a handcuffed man and escorting him into the back seat of the police vehicle