Blitz Ensures Safe Roads

By Constable Dal Gill,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 1:04 p.m., June 23, 2014

Ontario Provincial Police, York, Peel, Halton, South Simcoe, Aylmer, Barrie and Royal Canadian Mounted Police along with the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Revenue & Fuels and Toronto By-Law Enforcement office all supported the sixth annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection Blitz at Woodbine Racetrack June 16 & 17. We will continue to work in collaboration with other police services and supporting agencies to ensure our roads are safe.

A row of vehicles in front of a tractor-trailer
The "No Zone" trailer, which shows tractor-trailer blind spots, along with vehicles from all participating agencies
A row of vehicles in front of a tractor-trailer
A pickup truck with equipment in the rear towing a trailer with steel drums on it
Three men in overalls and TPS uniform talk to a man seated in a tractor-trailer
A large tow truck tows a smaller truck
A large tow truck hoists a trailer onto a flatbed trailer as two men look on
A man in uniform in a shipping container beside a car as others look on
A man in overalls lays on a board on wheels under a trailer holding a vehicle component with both hands
A man in overalls points a flashlight at a vehicle under carriage while lying on his back
A pickup truck being loaded on a tow truck
A plane in the air over a parking lot filled with various vehicles