TPS Lifeguards Among World's Best

Photo of Bruce Hollowell By Bruce Hollowell,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 12:10 p.m., October 14, 2014

Toronto Police Service Lifeguards competed among the word's best at the World Lifesaving Championships in France in late September. The Under-19 team, comprising William O’Dwyer, Michelle Cuthbert, Vevek Shanthakumaran and Sunket Kulkarni, clinched the Simulated Emergency Response Championship (SERC) title. The entire group fared well at the competitions held at the Montpellier pool and La Grande-Motte beach in France featuring in six finals. The group paid their own way to compete in the games.

A line of women in swim caps holding long boards
Lifeguard Irenea Flores lines up with competitors along the shore for the board race
A line of women in swim caps holding long boards
Two women in matching jackets wearing swim caps and goggles
A man runs past a poll on a beach with another man behind him
Two women, one on stomach, one on knees on a long board paddle through the water
A man carries a kayak under one arm in a beach setting
A group of three men and one woman arm-in-arm in matching warm-up jackets on a stage
Two women hold the arms of another woman on her back as they walk onto a beach
Four women in matching golf shirts beside a pool
A woman holding flippers runs toward the water with a life preserver in tow
A woman stands with a long board under her arm beside a TPS lifeguard beach flag