Deciphering Underground Find

By 31 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 10:39 a.m., February 24, 2015

Police want to know who built an underground chamber near York University campus and why. The underground structure was discovered by a Toronto and Region Conservation Officer on January 14 who came upon a large amount of excavated earth near the fence line of the Rexall Centre Sports and Entertainment Complex. They found a structurally sound tunnel, a generator and various other equipment at the site.

A pile of the dirt in a wooded area
A dirt pile that drew the attention of a Conservation Officer to discover the find
A pile of the dirt in a wooded area
A map showing a river and the Rexall Centre as well as tennis courts
A generator, gas can, wire in a hole
A ladder leading underground with electrical cables running into it
A tunnel framed by lumber with a dirt floor
A necklace of beads with a crucifix and a red poppy attached
A wooden structure in a hole in a wooded area