Highlights: Chief Blair over the years

By Toronto Police Service,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 4:05 p.m., April 25, 2015

As the Chief retires on April 25, a look at his career at the Toronto Police Service.

A young photo of the chief's old photo
The Chief when he was a young officer
A young photo of the chief's old photo
the chief young with a degree in hand
The chief with his wife daughter and two sons
The chief, mayor, and chair with shovels in hands laughing.
Men in uniform and in a business suit in and out of focus
A male officer in uniform with brightly dyed pink hair speaking to the chief of police.
A man in TPS uniform with four women in TPS uniform
A row of men in uniform saluting
Chief Bill Blair standing at the podium of the Toronto Police Headquarter's Media gallery
A group of six people, three in TPS uniform seated on and standing around a bench in gym
Chief standing at the podium speaking.
The chief tipping his hat, he is bald underneath.
the chief standing next to lots of children who are wearing white tshirts that read TAVIS
the chief at a podium speaking