Police Memorial Honours Fallen

Photo of Sara Faruqi By Sara Faruqi,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 1:38 p.m., May 4, 2015

Thousands of police officers marched on Queen's Park to honour officers who died in service of their province. The May 3 ceremony, attended by acting Chief Mark Saunders, heard Premier Kathleen Wynne and Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell speak about the importance of the work of police officers in making our communities safe.

two uniformed cadets standing in front of queens parkl
Cadets stand in front of the Provincial Legislature where the memorial ceremony took place.
two uniformed cadets standing in front of queens parkl
Two cadets in uniform standing 3 meters away from the Officer in Charge who is also in uniform.
Officers on horses facing the camera. Four officers are on four horses.
Officers in RCMP uniforms marching.
Members in uniform saluting
a long line of officers marching in uniform.
the chief leading men and women from the Toronto police service
A row of TPS members standing looking ahead, with one man in the middle looking directly at the camera.
Men and women standing.
A family of young, old and middle aged people standing on steps. The sun is very bright. There are 17 people all together.
a woman with a rose in her hands.
men in RCMP uniforms saluting
men in pipe band uniforms
a man in uniform layng a wreath as three other men in uniform watch.
women in uniform singing in a choir.
police men on police motorcycles
Chief in front of the memorial