94th Warriors' Day Parade

Photo of Sara Faruqi By Sara Faruqi,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 8:48 a.m., August 28, 2015

Five Toronto Police and World War II veterans participated in this year’s Annual Warriors Day Parade on August 22. Along with the World War II Veterans were 25 other Toronto Police Military Veterans

Officers marching
Chief Saunders , Jack Reid and Military veterans march in the 94th Warriors Day Parade.
Officers marching
uniformed men and women marching in a parade, behind them a theme park ride with children on swings flies over their heads
A man wearing a Toronto Police Military Veteran beret and medals smiles for the camera.
a man shaking the hand of another man on a go cart
The Pipe band marching, up front in the photo are men playing bagpipes
A man in military vet beret and uniform holding a photo album with a faded photo
an elderly lady in uniform sitting on the back seat of a green convertible waving
An elderly man saluting facing his right as uniformed members walk behind him
A pipe band marching through the gates of the exhibition centre
Uniformed members wearing maroon berets march
A man in Pipe band in uniform standing looking up ward
The chief speaking to a man in military vet beret