Run To Remember Missing Children

Photo of Sara Faruqi By Sara Faruqi,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 1:40 p.m., August 21, 2015

To recognize the 30th anniversary of Nicole Morin’s disappearance, the Toronto Police Service held a walk, run and candlelight vigil at Centennial Park. Almost 150 TPS members, their children and community members participated in the walk and run August 19, which helped raise close to $4,000 for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

A woman in jogging shorts and tshirt giving a thumbs up.
Susan Gapka is all smiles mid-way through the run.
A woman in jogging shorts and tshirt giving a thumbs up.
A little girl with a medal
Two girls in running gear standing together smiling at the camera.
Two women run across towards a finish line
There officers in uniforms on police bicycles.
Four people dressed in super hero costumes, batman, bat woman, bat girl and Thor, sprinting in a park.
A man and a boy running up a slight incline, there is grass on both sides of the path.
An officer Djing
a little girl with a painted bunny face sitting in the grass, the sun is behind her lighting up her hair and the grass.
Two woman wearing blue tshirts that say NR are holding candles, one is lighting the candle for the other one, they are outdoors in a park and it is evening.
A toddler blowing at a dandelion while her mother tries to pick her up.
A wide angle shot of a boy running on a path in a a park, the path is curving towards the right. There are trees lining the path, he is between a gap in the trees, sprinting. Behind in the distance is a baseball diamond with people playing and a large white cloud above.
A man with a beard wearing a Nicole's Run tshirt with a candle in his hand, around him other people also hold candles.