Officers Honoured For Their Sacrifice

Photo of Sara Faruqi By Sara Faruqi,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 4:23 p.m., September 29, 2015

Thousands of police officers gathered at Parliament Hill in Ottawa as part of the annual Canadian Police and Peace Officers' Memorial service on Sunday, Sept. 27. Chief Mark Saunders led the contingent of Toronto officers who made the pilgrimage to the memorial to pay tribute to those who have fallen.

The back of an Saluting and wearing a uniform.
An officer stands to attention and salutes as the National Anthem is played at the Canadian Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Service at Parliament Hill.
The back of an Saluting and wearing a uniform.
An RCMP officer at a odium looking down reading
an officer in uniform speaking to another officer also in uniform. Around them officers line up to form a parade formation.
A line of officers marching on a street
A wide shot, parliament building in the background, in the foreground officers are marching in to line up
a line of officers marching.
the chief standing in front of a long line of officers, he is in focus everyone else is out of focus
A gloved hand laying a headers on the steps of parliament hill.
the chief marching in front with officers behind him.
An officer in uniform with hat on looking ahead.
Officers in a long queue marching with heads turned right towards the Hill
a man in a suit with two uniformed officers next to him, one carrying a wreath walk together
Pipe band members in different uniforms with instruments in hand, marching by the parliament building.
A bugler on top of the tower of a building with the Canadian Flag flying at half mast
an officer saluting, wearing a maroon beret.