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Retracing First Steps in Policing
Deputy Chief Rick Stubbings and Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans re-visited the streets where they trace their law enforcement roots to in Canada three decades ago.
Seniors Fraud Awareness
Seniors are most vulnerable to scam artists seeking to defraud them of their life savings and other valuables.
Hold Up Suspects
Hold Up investigators are appealing for help in two separate serial robbery investigations.
Garda Legacy in Community
The newest police dog has the skills to sniff out firearms and illicit drugs, much like many of her four-legged colleagues, but also has the additional gift of helping to heal members of the Service family.
Quick Arrests in Mosque Robbery
Members of a mosque in 12 Division are praising Toronto Police for making arrests less than 12 hours after a robbery at their place of worship.
Consequences Without Charges
When 42 Division officers arrested a teenager a few years ago, for shoplifting at a local Walmart, they chose to refer her to Operation Springboard instead of laying charges.
Diverting To Right Path
A new program will standardize how police divert young people from criminal charges across the city in an attempt to reduce recidivism and steer young people away from the criminal justice system.
Community Close Up of Policing
As a provincial youth outreach worker, Michael Kissi often encounters young people who are troubled, frustrated and have an opinion about police.
Kronic Violence Targeted
A total of 485 charges have been laid against 90 people arrested after Toronto Police and other law enforcement agencies conducted early morning raids in southern Ontario on June 15.
Sweep of Violent Street Gang
In a major police operation aimed at cracking a street gang exporting violence across the country, Toronto Police and 19 other police agencies across the province conducted early morning raids in southern Ontario and Sudbury.