Give Gift of Life to Samantha

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 12:04 p.m. January 9, 2014

Most young children look forward to presents for their birthday.

A head and shoulders close of up of a girl smiling wearing a black Toronto Police toque
Samantha Sirbos requires a bone marrow transplant

For Samantha Sirbos, the gift of life is the only one that matters to her and her family. 

The young girl, who turned seven on Jan. 8, is fighting for her life and needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life.

Diagnosed with leukemia at age three and a cancer survivor two years later, the little girl relapsed last September when the leukemia returned. 

Sirbos’ family – father Chris, who is a Toronto Police officer assigned to 13 Division, mother Maria and younger sister Ava – were devastated when they learned they are not suitable matches for a bone marrow transplant.

She has been undergoing rigorous chemotherapy treatments over the last four months.

“My little girl who has endured more in her seven years than most people will in their lifetime,” said Chris Sirbos. “She’s strong and she’s a fighter.”

My little girl who has endured more in her seven years than most people will in their lifetime

Service members and others in the community can visit  or  to see how they can become a bone marrow match or blood donor and help Samantha and others now undergoing cancer treatment. 

“Anyone can be a match,” said her father.

Since the leukemia returned last September, the family has spent most of their time at the Hospital for Sick Children.

A devoted family man, Chris Sirbos has been at work for just a few days since his daughter was hospitalised in September.

“The Sirbos family faces a long ordeal in the upcoming year and they need support, especially financial support,” said Det. Remo D’Antonio, of the 13 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau. “Chris is the sole income earner as his wife has not worked since Samantha was diagnosed four years ago. Having a child diagnosed with cancer is an unimaginable ordeal for any family and any challenges on top of it can seem overwhelming.”

In order to be close to their daughter, the family has uprooted their life to be close to Samantha. They are leasing living space near SickKids that costs thousands of dollars per month.

“The above mentioned costs along with the day-to-day incidental costs have had a significant financial impact on the Sirbos family,” D’Antonio said.

 Anyone interested in making a donation can visit the  Support for Samantha web page.

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