Fit For Duty

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 2:47 p.m. June 16, 2014

Detective Sergeant Nunziato Tramontozzi admits he was sceptical when Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins invited him to be part of her team for the inaugural Toronto Police INSANITY Challenge.

Two men and two women lifting a knew with their arms in the air on a turf field
An INSANITY workout demonstrated by Service members at the 131st Toronto Police Games, including Brandon Reeve (in black) and Nunziato Tramontozzi (in blue)

Sponsored by the  Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association (TPAAA) and Beachbody, Service members were required to complete five tests and 52 INSANITY workouts that are a combination of plyometric drills and nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance ab and core training moves over a 60-day period.

Beachbody assigned an INSANITY-certified coach to each team to ensure they worked out safe and secured the best results.

“I thought about it for a while and then decided I needed to get back in shape so I might as well give it a try,” Tramontozzi recalled. “I was overweight and needed to lose some pounds.”

He said the first week was the most physically challenging for him in many years.

“I thought there was no way I would get through the endurance test,” he said. “But we encouraged each other as a team and things went well.”

Beachbody, a company that sells fitness weight loss and muscle-building home exercise DVDs, volunteered to work with Service members to raise money and give back to the community.

Beachbody’s master trainer and presenter Felicia Taub was impressed with the Toronto Police participants’ dedication to the program.

“It was an honour to be part of this as I have never worked with a community group that works for our city,” she said. “The police members were totally focussed and committed to helping each other and working as a team. I am proud to know they work as a team to make this city safe and also for their own health. It would be my pleasure to work with them again.”

Service members’ registration fees that amounted to almost $2,000 went to the Toronto Police Widows & Orphans Fund. Beachbody also donated $3,000 to the fund.

So enthused was Tramontozzi by the challenge that he took the DVDs to the Dominican Republic where he and his family were on vacation.

“The kids packed a DVD player and when the family went for breakfast in the morning during our trip, I did the program workouts for an hour,” he pointed out. “My wife was very impressed.”

The hard work and dedication paid off for Tramontozzi who lost 17 pounds and three inches around the waist in two months.

“This is the lightest I have been in nearly 20 years and I really feel good,” he said.

Tramontozzi is enrolled in Beachbody’s T-25 program that lasts 25 minutes daily.

“I have lost an additional six pounds and I intend to be back in the INSANITY Challenge again,” he added.

A group of men and women in sports gear with a cardboard cut out of a man
Insanity Challenge participants pose with a cardboard cutout of Insanity trainer Shaun Thompson, the star of the workout videos

A total of 106 Toronto Police officers completed the fitness challenge. Collectively, they lost 806 pounds and 522.5 inches.

TPAAA secretary Brandon Reeve dropped 26 pounds and five inches from his chest and waist.

“It was tough,” acknowledged the eight-year Service member who was part of the 42 Division Heavy D team. “Some of our officers dropped out due to injury, but I persevered with the other guys on the team. For me, this has triggered a complete change in my lifestyle. I feel so much better and I will continue to work out.”

Constable Eliano Santos, of 13 Division, enjoyed the rigorous program.

“It was gruelling, but I had a goal to achieve over a two-month period,” said the officer, who is in her 14th year with the Service. “I learned that I am determined and that I could complete any task regardless of how difficult it is.”

She achieved her objective of losing five inches.

The 52 Division team comprising Staff Sergeant Greg Thorpe, Sergeant Dan Sova, Detective Ennis Spencer and Constables Marlowe Feltmate and John Smith lost a combined 81.6 pounds. Thorpe lost 29 pounds which was the most by any Service member.

The Marine workout squad made up of Sergeants Gerard Klunder and Harlen Tinney and Constables Stacy Kellough, Dustin Bursey and John Liggio was adjudged the Most Fit team and Constable Joel Houston, of Mounted, won the Best Individual Transformation prize.

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