Dogs Play For Public

By Sara Faruqi, Toronto Police Service Published: 6 a.m. October 21, 2014

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Police Dog Services held an open house at their facility on October 18 where they demonstrated the skills and roles of police dogs.

A young boy in a parka stands next to a dog.
Lucas stands next to police dog Danno.

Jango, Maverick, Memphis, Ellis, Kash, Danno and Stryker were just some of the Service dogs that took the stage alongside officers. 

The dogs and officers demonstrated several tactics used by police when working with dogs such as explosive detection, article search, narcotics detection, apprehension, recalls and searches for people.

Photo Journal of Open House

A man in an orange jump suit is screaming as dog bites on to his arm.
Police dog Kash apprehends a person posing as a fleeing suspect at a demonstration at the 25th Anniversary of Police Dog Services.
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