No Specific Threat But Police Vigilant

By Kevin Masterman, Toronto Police Service Published: 2:59 p.m. October 22, 2014

Chief Bill Blair said there is no known specific threat against the city but Torontonians will see an increased police presence at major public institutions and the transit system among other places.

A man in TPS uniform speaks at a podium
Chief Bill Blair told the media there is no specific threat against the city

Statement From Chief Bill Blair:

We have just received an update from the RCMP and the Ottawa Police Service. I have nothing to add and I am unable to comment on any aspect of that investigation.

We have received a number of inquiries about security arrangements here in Toronto in response to the events unfolding in Ottawa, and I believe that it is necessary and appropriate to provide the citizens of Toronto with information regarding the security precautions that are being taken and to provide reassurance to our Citizens.

First, let me advise you that there is no specific or identified threat to any individual, group or public institution in Toronto at this time.   We are working closely with our partners in the RCMP and CSIS, along with Provincial and local police services in an integrated response to monitor the security threat environment and to conduct national security investigations.   This is a long standing partnership which is characterized by excellent communications and cooperation.

In response to the events on Monday in Quebec and today in Ottawa, I believe that it is necessary and prudent to put in place enhanced security precautions to ensure the safety of our Citizens and our City.   

Accordingly, Torontonians will see a very visible police presence at various public institutions and public spaces.   I have directed additional police resources to Queens Park, Toronto City Hall, our Court houses, Consulates, along with our Government and Military facilities.    You will see additional uniform police officers on the subway system and in any place where the presence of the police can reassure our citizens.

These steps are being taken through an abundance of caution.   Let me remind you again.   There is no specific threat.   We will always err on the side of caution to protect our citizens. 

I have asked all of our officers to remain situationally aware and to be vigilant.   I would ask all of our citizens for your continued support.   If you see something that concerns you, or if you become aware of anything suspicious,  please do not hesitate to call and we will respond.

We stand united with our public safety partners and with all Canadians in condemnation of the terrible crimes that have taken place in St. Jean Sur Richelieu and in Ottawa.   We remain firm in our resolve to keep our citizens safe.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have died. 

We are monitoring the events in Ottawa and we are in direct communications with our Security and Law Enforcement partners.   We will continue to keep the public informed as events unfold and reliable information becomes available.

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