Making Roads Safer For Students

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 3:36 p.m. April 17, 2015

Concerned about the safety of children commuting to and from school, 41 Division launched an enforcement school zone and school bus safety campaign from April 13-17.

A male officer in uniform standing at an intersection.
Constable Jason Jones is ensuring that cars in school ones obey the law to ensure safety for pupils.

Divisional officers were out in full force, looking for motorists and motorcyclists committing offences near school zones, pedestrian, crosswalks, intersections and other areas frequented by designated school buses and school children.

“We get complaints from school bus companies about drivers and riders not stopping when buses are at a standstill, with their stop signs out for children boarding and disembarking buses,” said Sergeant John Murphy. “Failing to stop is a serious charge and it has six demerit points attached to it.”

He said that, while the campaign lasted five days, school zone and school bus-related enforcement is a priority for his Division year-round.

“Every child has a right to get to and from school without having to worry about someone using the road in a reckless manner that can cause injury or even worse,” Murphy noted.

He also reminded motorists to desist from using eclectronic devices when they are on the roadways.

“You can be distracted and be involved in accident,” Murphy added.

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