Cram-A-Cruiser, Fight Hunger

By Sara Faruqi, Toronto Police Service Published: 2:25 p.m. May 29, 2015

On June 3, officers from Hamilton and Toronto Police Service will be going from school to school in their city to fill their cruisers with as much food as possible.

A Toronto police car with doors open filled with groceries in front and back seats
A Toronto Police scout car crammed with donations of food

The Cram-a-Cruiser challenge is part of the Just Give Awareness campaign to help collect food donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto and Hamilton Food Share.

Schools with be partnering with their respective police services to collect food. When officers arrive at the school, students are going to fill a police scout car, also known as cruisers, with as much food as possible and officers have to deliver as much food as they can to the chosen food banks before 2 p.m. It should take about 500 food items to fill the vehicle.

“We’re challenging our Toronto Police to go against the Hamilton Police, in a friendly challenge, in collecting food for those really deserving families in our community at what is one of the most difficult times for the food banks,” said Michael “Pinball” Clemons, whose organization – the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation – is partnering with the police services for the event.

Clemons asked Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to accept the challenge and joked that, while he loved Hamilton, he did not really want to lose to them. 

“On behalf of Toronto Police Service, we accept that challenge and you know what, Torontonians, let’s show the world why we are the best at what we do,” said Chief Saunders. “But, more importantly, let’s help those who need help the most. Let’s get that food into those vehicles so that we can help other Torontonians who need it so, so badly.”

Cram-A-Cruiser Challenge introduced by Chief Mark Saunders & Michael 'Pinball' Clemons

He also laid out a few rules for the competition. 

“No sirens, no speeding, no police escorts, you have to wear a seat belt, must obey the law and most importantly we have to have fun for a good cause – I think it’s going to be a great time, so please bring any nonperishable food that you have to the station in the city of Toronto,” requested the Chief.

As part of the  Just Give campaign, citizens are also encouraged to donate, not just school children, by bringing a can of food to City Hall at noon on June 3 where Mayor John Tory and Clemons will be present as well. 

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