Kids Play With Cops At TPAAA Games

By Sara Faruqi, Toronto Police Service Published: 3:46 p.m. August 27, 2015

It may have been a rainy day, but more than 150 children, Service members and volunteers didn’t let the weather stop them from having fun.

A young boy shooting a basket as children around him look up
A West Scarborough Boys and Girls Club member shoots a basket at the TPAAA Playground Games.

The Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association (TPAAA), in partnership with Kidsport Ontario, held their annual Playground Games at the West Scarborough Boys and Girls Club, introducing children to sports they may not have played before, including cricket and lacrosse.

While the rain spoiled a fun soccer game between younger children against teenagers, the indoor gym allowed for plenty of space for children to learn how to bat and bowl in cricket and how to aim and shoot in lacrosse.

“This is a great opportunity for police officers across the service to interact with kids from 41 Division in the west Scarborough neighbourhood,” said Constable Brandon Reeves, one of the organisers from the TPAAA. “The kids get a lot of exposure to new sports,” he said of the games.

Ten-year-old Alexis did get exposed to a new sport, cricket, and she didn’t want to stop playing. “I loved cricket! I hit the ball and one kid hit it so hard it hit the ceiling,” said the grade four student, excitedly. 

Her twin sister, Isabella, seemed to have enjoyed the soccer game that was washed out, “I liked playing against the older kids but we didn’t have enough time,” she said. After a moment’s contemplation, she added “I think the older kids won because they scored one goal.”

Constable David Sawyer was also surrounded by young children, as he showed them how to handle a lacrosse stick. “Everybody loves lacrosse!” said the 43 Division officer, as children crowded around him. 

Reeves said that many different organizations came together to help make the day successful, including Cricket Canada, Kidsport Ontario, Scarborough Basketball Association, Toronto Paramedic Services and Toronto Fire Services. 

A man in a sports jersey showing a boy how to swing his arm when bowling
A member of Cricket Canada shows a young boy how to bowl in cricket.
A man with a lacrosse stick talking to two boys
Constable David Sawyer explains the game of lacrosse to a captivated audience.
An officer in uniform leaning down to speak to a boy and girl
Constable Bryan Warrington speaks to a boy and his sister, both of whom were interested in his uniform.
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