Video, Witnesses Sought in Shooting

By Sara Faruqi, Toronto Police Service Published: 4:42 p.m. August 4, 2015
Updated: 4:16 p.m. August 5, 2015

Shootings inside and outside a nightclub early Tuesday morning have left two people dead and three injured.

A man in TPS uniform stands beside a TPS crest on a wall
Homicide Inspector Peter Moreira waits to brief the media on the shootings at and around the Muzik nightclub

Police are asking for the public’s assistance solving this crime, including any photos or video footage they may have from that night by visiting

“We rely so much on our communities to assist us with this… people at the venue have information that could help to solve this crime, allow our Homicide team to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the crime,” Deputy Chief Peter Sloly said. “There are people there who may be victimized and may need medical treatment and other supports and we are asking the public through media, to come forward with whatever information you may have so we can wrap up this investigation as quickly as possible and support the victims of this crime.”

According the Deputy, at around 3:15 in the morning, there was a “quintuple shooting” at and around the Muzik nightclub, hosting an after-party for the OVO festival. 

Two people were pronounced dead and three others are still in hospital, with two having sustained serious injuries.

Homicide Inspector Peter Moreira said there were two separate sounds of gunshots heard by officers within minutes of each other, one inside the club and one north of the Dufferin Gates. Police have not determined whether the two shootings are related yet.

A man was found dead inside the courtyard patio of the club near another person suffering from a gunshot wound. Another person was found on the other side of the fenced patio with a  gunshot wound.

The woman shot north of the  Dufferin Gates later died. 

North of the club, another injured man was located near  Dufferin and College Sts., who flagged an ambulance down for help. Moreira would like to speak to anyone who gave the man assistance to get to that intersection.

Homicide Inspector Peter Moreira updates the media on a double shooting investigation inside and outside the Muzik nightclub

Officers are looking for two Persons of Interest from within the club. They are described as:

  • Male, black, skinny build with brown skin, around 5’10” to 5’11” and between 24 and 28, wearing a yellow, burgundy plaid button-up shirt
  • Male black, around 6” - 6’1” with a fresh buzz cut, wearing a light-purple crewneck sweater with a colourful design on the front. He is said to be about 25

Sloly said there was a large presence of officers in the vicinity of the club and outside the club too. When officers realized there were many bystanders waiting outside because of the presence of celebrities inside, they called for additional resources. 

At that time in the evening, there was no information or intelligence that there would be a firearm incident, said Sloly. 

The club is responsible for security, pat-downs and safety of patrons of the club, while police are deployed outside as additional resources. 

There has been a large presence of officers deployed in the city over the long weekend, said Sloly. 

He also added that officers responded immediately to the sound of gunshots and “in the immediate aftermath continued towards the most dangerous offenders in the area and provided direct assistance to victims they found, including an officer who performed CPR on a woman now deceased.”

The Deputy acknowledged the loss of life of the two victims, their family and their communities.
Homicide investigators want witnesses to upload photos and video to
Deputy Chief Peter Sloly provides the media with an initial briefing on a shooting at Muzik nightclub
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