Reaching Kids Through TVO

By Sara Faruqi, Toronto Police Service Published: 12:24 p.m. October 1, 2015

TVO Kids are quickly becoming familiar with Constable Peter De Quintal – or ‘Officer Peter,’ as he is known to them.

An officer on the set of a show with the host behind him. TVO logo on the bottom right corner
Constable Peter De Quintal on TVO Kids 'The Space' speaking about back to school safety tips.

The 12 Division School Resource Officer has been appearing on TVO Kids ‘The Space’ show to talk about public safety. 

After his last appearance on the show, which has a steady viewership of 50,000 children across Ontario for each segment, he was approached by many children on the job the next day saying ‘hi’ to Officer Peter. 

But it’s not about school celebrity status for De Quintal, who believes that a partnership between TVO and TPS can lead to great outreach for the Service in terms of safety tips for children.

On the latest show, De Quintal spoke with host Melissa Peters on back-to-school safety. His tips for students were simple: 

Look both ways when crossing the street

Do not cross in between parked cars

Follow the crossing guards instructions at intersections

When disembarking a school bus, make sure you cross in front of the stop bar of the bus 

While these are instructions young children may get from their parents and teachers, De Quintal thinks coming from a police officer on a TV show they watch daily may carry some more legitimacy. 

“I just think it’s a great opportunity to put a safety perspective from a police officer,” says De Quintal. 

For his next appearance, De Quintal hopes to speak about Halloween safety tips. 

Constable Peter De Quintal on TVO Kids
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