Chief: Maintaining Service Standards

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 10:37 a.m. January 28, 2016
Updated: 10:12 a.m. February 3, 2016

Chief Mark Saunders committed to maintaining the high standards of the Service, after announcing four Toronto Police officers are facing obstruction and perjury charges.

A man in TPS uniform stands at a podium
Chief Mark Saunders speaks to the media hours after Toronto officers were arrested

“Anything that questions the integrity of any member of the Toronto Police Service concerns me,” Chief Saunders said at a news conference less than two hours after the officers were charged. “We will leave no stone unturned when we discover or when we are informed of any information that any our members have not lived up to our high standards and expectations.”

Constable Jeffrey Tout and Detective Constables Fraser Douglas and Benjamin Elliott, of  55 Division, and Constable Michael Taylor of  51 Division, are alleged to have provided false court testimony.

Tout and Douglas are facing two counts each of obstruct justice and perjury, Elliott was charged with three counts of obstruct justice and perjury and Taylor is facing two counts of obstruct justice and perjury charges. The investigation was carried out by the Service’s Professional Standards investigators in conjunction with the Crown Attorney’s office.

The charges stem from the arrest of Nguyen Son Tran two years ago, who was allegedly found with heroin in his vehicle.

In the wake of the charges, Saunders said he has put together a team of Professional Standards investigators to look over cases in which the four officers have been involved.

“The team’s job is to see if there are any other causes for concern,” he said. “I have the confidence that our officers who conduct investigations on other officers will do so in a professional manner and also make sure we enhance that transparency.”

Saunders said TPS officers do a professional public service each and every day. 

“We will get through this to get back the public trust we have lost in certain areas,” he said.

Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack also spoke after the news conference.

“What this shows is that we are vigilant and diligent about doing these investigations and we take this very seriously,” he said.

Chief Mark Saunders addresses the media after four Toronto officers charged
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